Hilltop Products Supply Cable For Eco Friendly, Autonomous Transportation

Hilltop Products Supply Cable For Eco Friendly, Autonomous Transportation

It won’t shock you that Hilltop Products Ltd have recently supplied our Automotive, High Voltage Battery Cable to an innovative and high-tech company based in California that’s at the forefront of the latest cutting edge technology for safer, cleaner all-electric, purpose-built, ride-hailing, autonomous personal transportation designed around the rider.

It isn’t an updated car—it’s a whole new form of transportation, with every detail designed around riders, not drivers.


By sourcing and providing our Automotive Cable quickly and efficiently, Hilltop Products have assisted in the development of wiring technology for the future design for on-demand autonomous ride-hailing, which is a more enjoyable, sustainable, & safer solution that allows riders to get from point A to point B.

We are proud to have worked with a company that recognises that owning and driving fewer cars is one of the fastest routes to cutting global emissions. Creating zero-emission transport that will offer a smooth, spacious and relaxing ride and offers 100 proprietary safety innovations that aren’t found in conventional automobiles.

Our Unscreened Battery Cable is high and low temperature resistant and combines high voltage load handling, EMC shielding and exceptional flexibility. A must-have for all manufacturers who strive for eco-friendly vehicle usage!