Jones Stroud and KREMPEL

Jones Stroud and KREMPEL

Jones Stroud Insulations Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist insulating materials and products, including Vidaflex sleeving, high temperature insulators and pre-preg products.


The Lancashire-based manufacturer is part of the global Krempel Group, standing shoulder to shoulder with other high-tech material manufacturers in dozens of sensitive fields. Jones Stroud electrical insulation products can be used in a wide variety of ways, including on high-voltage machines, oil transformers, dry transformers and motors.


Hilltop Products stocks a wide variety of Jones Stroud insulation systems, including silicone elastomer compound or braided/knitted glass or polyester yarn Vidaflex. Vidaflex products have excellent dielectric strength, flexibility and thermal, moisture and abrasive resistance. For more information on any Jones Stroud product, speak to a member of the accounts team today. Call: 01942 723 101.


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