Thin Wall Low Voltage Cable

Thin Wall Low Voltage Cable

Thin wall cable is a low voltage cable used primarily in the automotive and marine industries. It is constructed from a stranded copper wire centre encased within a hard grade PVC insulating sheath.  This thin wall design offers some key advantages over standard automotive electric cable.  It is often the preferred choice for mechanics when it comes to auto and marine electrical work.


Thin wall low voltage cable is typically used in the automotive, marine and other similar industries. This type of cable is widely specified by manufacturers because of the favourable performance characteristics.


The cable is very light and is often the first choice for applications where weight and volume can be an issue, such as in automotive vehicle harnesses. It also has some impressive physical characteristics, including excellent resistance to acid, oil, petrol and diesel, which is good for auto and marine applications. You can also use the thin wall cable at a wide range of different temperatures of between -40ºC and 105ºC.


Hilltop Products supplies a wide range of thin wall low voltage cables including single core, dual core and seven core auto cables. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 6722-1:2011. 


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