Electric Vehicle Cable

Electric Vehicle Cable

Specialist high-performance cables that can stand up to the demands required by electric vehicles (EVs). Hilltop Products stocks high-voltage (HV) cables suitable for use in the electronic automotive power train connector assemblies.


These single-cored, multi-stranded HV cables were originally developed for the German market to handle what can be extreme current loads and a broad range of temperatures. The silicone-insulated orange cables have good EMC shielding and small bending radii that gives automakers more flexibility when working in tight spaces.


Coroplast is trusted as a market leader throughout the EV industry. Their products are installed by several leading automotive manufacturers, ensuring supply to high-voltage powertrain systems. The electric vehicle cables are available in a range of sizes, from 16mm2 to 95mm2.


For more information on electric vehicle cables or any other product listed on the Hilltop Products website, speak to a member of our knowledgeable professional accounts team today. Call: 01942 723 101.  

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