Heavy Duty and Automatic Hot Knife Cutters

Heavy Duty and Automatic Hot Knife Cutters

None of us could have ever imagined such machines could play a key part in a global pandemic, but that is exactly what happened with our range of Auto hot knife cutters and Heavy Duty bench mounted Hot Knife cutters.


These units we ourselves utilise daily in house at Hilltop predominetly for processing Expandable Braided sleevings utilised in cable & wire harness assembly manufacture. As various companies valiantly put their head above the parapet and offered to manufacture PPE they soon realised that cutting fabric & elastics by hand would simply take too long and significantly hold up the production of urgently needed PPE. That's where we were asked to step in to help with our experience and through our range of both Automatic Hot Knife and Heavy duty bench mounted hot knife Cutters we managed to find various solutions that would allow a wide range of multiple elastic straps for Sheilds and Masks to be accuretly cut to precision length and at rapid speed without the fabric coating fraying therefore significantly increasing much needed productivity.


Should you wish to speak to us about our range of Hot knife cutters, we're always happy to help. Simply call 01942 723101 or email [email protected]

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