TE CONNECTIVITY Spec 44 & 55 Wire and Cable

TE CONNECTIVITY Spec 44 & 55 Wire and Cable

TE Connectivity’s Spec 44 and Spec 55 wire are designed for use in extreme environments. Used extensively across a wide range of industries, including space satellites, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the crosslink extruded wire is highly resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion.


Spec 44 wire has a dual wall construction and combines strong physical properties with excellent electrical and chemical resistance characteristics. The wire insulation offers a 150°C temperature rating while still being small, lightweight and solder iron resistant. Originally developed for aerospace and military specifications, Spec 44 wire can now be found in a wide variety of industries including commercial electronics, avionics, satellites, ships, trains and offshore platforms where the need for reliable performance in the face of tough environmental conditions is acute.  


Spec 55 wire is insulated with a cross-linked ETFE polymer rated for used between -65°C and 200°C. It is another lightweight, flexible wire that offers excellent abrasion and cutting resistance. It is also resistant to chemicals, solvents, UV and moisture degradation. Spec 55 can be found in aircraft and a wide variety of other places.


For more information about Spec 44 and Spec 55 wire from TE Connectivity or any of the products on our website, speak to a member of our sales team today. Call: 01942 723 101. 

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