Cable Markers & Idents

Cable Markers & Idents

Label, mark and identify wires and cables with Hilltop Products. Hilltop Products specialise in producing printed heat shrink cable markers that can be positioned over the required cable and heated until set.


Heat shrink cable markers are tough enough to stand the test of time, and cannot fall off or be accidently removed. Hilltop Products offers a range of fully customisable products so you can get almost anything printed on your cable marker.


Other cable markers

Hilltop Products also offers a variety of cable identification solutions. ‘Cold applied’ or clip-on cable markers gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to labelling important wires and cables.


We also offer stainless steel and zero halogen plastic tie-on cable markers. The stainless steel cable markers are acid-resistant and good in hostile conditions while the zero halogen tie-on tags are a cost-effective cable management solution.


Hilltop Products operates a 12-month stock holding scheme.


For more information about any of these products, or to find out about more about our customisable cable marker services please get in touch. Call: 01942 723 101.


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