What Cable/Wire Markers do we offer?

We sell a wide range of cable and wire marking solutions. No matter the application we are confident that we will have a product for you!

  • Bespoke heat shrink sleeves & markers
  • Complete printing systems with printers and materials
  • Tie-On cable markers
  • Cold-applied cable markers - push & clip on
  • Branded cable markers
  • Easy push-fit markers

Each of the different types of cable markers that we have will be suitable for different purposes and each of these has its own unique set of features and benefits that can provide a solution to a multitude of applications

What are the Advantages of using cable markers?

Cable markers are not only simple to use but they have so many benefits to using them that it’d be ludicrous not to use them! 


The cost of using cable markers is negated by the time that is saved in the future. The troubleshooting process is cut down drastically as the time that was spent searching for the right wire and hoping you’ve got the right one can be spent on your actual task. There are also no more guessing games that can cause an outage by pulling the wrong wire, overall not only inexpensive but cable markers are time-saving and help mitigate the risk of any errors.

An organised space is a safe space 

When cables are organised it drastically reduces the risk of devices/cables being connected incorrectly and causing damage. Good cable management is efficacious in any workplace and in regards to electrical installations is an imperative aspect to ensure your wires don’t get crossed.

Ease of access 

If there are any new starters then cable markers will drastically improve their training and as a whole make the experience a whole lot less scary than if they were faced with an unlabeled mess of wires. Additionally, if the usual staff member who has experience dealing with electrical installations is not available, regular staff will have any problems with the network straightforward rather than playing a guessing game.

Aesthetically pleasing 

Whether in your own workplace or completing work for a client, making sure that the wires are labelled clearly and concisely will ensure that any electrical installation is presented professionally and isn’t going to be an eyesore especially when working for a client.


How Do I Know What Label Is Right For Me?

Each wire marker is fit for a different purpose.

Industry standards

Every industry will have its individual standards and regulations so it is important that you have a solid understanding of these before purchasing any label. 


If your cables are going to be frequently handled and moved then you will want to ensure that you have long-lasting labels that aren't going to fade over time to ensure the longevity of an organised electrical system, understanding the environment of the label is key to a label having the endurance it needs to last the test of time whether hot, cold, dry, moist or even exposed to chemicals it is vitally important that you find the right label for you 

Wire size

The size of the wire or cable that you are labelling needs to be considered as the purpose of labelling wires is to make them easier to identify and if they have a very small circumference then a large label will overlap itself or potentially even fall out of position, alternatively if the circumference of the wire is larger then smaller labels won’t be suitable for this application 

Label properties

The placement of the label on the wire is also important when deciding what type of label to buy as certain applications are only suitable for certain types of wire. With all of the identification systems that we offer, we are convinced that we will carry a solution that would 


Cable Marker Personalisation

Hilltop Products Ltd has the expertise and machinery to cater for a vast range of printing requirements. We offer a fully personalised service whereby you are consulted at every key stage to ensure that the end product is just as you imagined it. To do this we offer you the choice of a vast number of fonts and facilities to print logos.

We also offer a choice in the way your printed sleeving is supplied: Choose from cut, semi-severed or continuous sleeving. If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your exact requirements due to technical limitations, we will endeavour to offer you an appropriate alternative that meets with your approval.

Our print methods use the latest and up-to-date (thermal) ribbon transfer systems. We can print on a variety of materials including polyolefin and heat shrinkable PVC, etc. We can produce prints ranging from standard “0-9” and “A-Z” to bespoke identification sleeves. We are also able to reproduce your logo or company insignia which can be submitted to us in digital format using BMP.

be correct for you but if you’d rather be safe than sorry you can contact our expert team who will be happy to help.


Label Printers

We sell a wide variety of label printers and label printing supplies to fulfil any label printing needs that you may have. The variations of printers that we sell are as follows


Thermal Label Transfer Printers & Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons 


Thermal transfer label printers make custom label printing easy. There is no need to bulk print and store labels as they can be printed as and when they are required. This also reduces waste as you don’t have to print any labels that you don’t need. 


Dymo XTL & Rhino Labelling Machines & Kits 


Dymo printers are great for any on-the-go labelling needs that you may have and are a great high-quality low-cost solution

We also sell Vinyl and Nylon heat Shrink Tapes to go alongside the 


Brady Printers


We stock a good mix of Brady printers from handheld printers to desktops, we have all of the accessories and software that you need to keep you up and printing, Each printer has its qualities and benefits and can make label printing a breeze compared to other methods!


Related markers 


We also sell flag seal labels which are another identification system that we offer perfect for identifying sacks doors boxes etc. 


Have any unanswered questions? Our team will be happy to assist you through web chat, email, or over the phone! Get in touch with us today! 

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