Hilltop Products supply Printed Cable & Wire marker solutions for a vast range of applications. Here are some of the solutions we can provide:-

  • Bespoke heat shrink markers, numbers, letters or logos
  • Complete printing systems with printers and materials
  • Laddered heat shrink markers
  • Cold applied cable idents: Push on & Clip on etc...



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Hilltop Products Ltd has the expertise and machinery to cater for a vast range of printing requirements. We offer a fully personalised service whereby you are consulted at every key stage to ensure that the end product is just as you imagined it. In order to do this we offer you the choice of a vast number of fonts and facilities to print logos.

We also offer a choice in the way your printed sleeving is supplied : Choose from cut, semi-severed or continuous sleeving. If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your exact requirements due to technical limitations, we will endeavour to offer you an appropriate alternative that meets with your approval.

Our print methods use the latest and up to date (thermal) ribbon transfer systems.  We are able to print on a variety of materials including polyolefin and heat shrinkable PVC, etc. We can produce prints ranging from standard “0-9” and “A-Z” to bespoke identification sleeves. We are also able to reproduce your logo or company insignia which can be submitted to us in digital format using BMP.