Cable Clips and Cleats

Cable Clips and Cleats

Cable clips and cleats are simple solutions to bundle and organise cables to keep them out of the way, reduce the risk of injury and prevent damage to the cables or your electronic devices. These products can also be used to make a work or home environment look cleaner and more professional.


Cable cleats are products that secure a cable to a mounting surface. They provide a means of attachment at regular intervals along a wall or another surface to suspend cables off the floor. Suitable for a wide variety of applications in commercial and domestic environments, cable clips and cleats represent a good low-cost solution for temporary or permanent cable installations.


Hilltop Products stocks a wide range of these cable management products, including plastic and steel clips. For more information about any of these, or any other products on our website, speak to a member of our friendly sales team today. Call: 01942 723 101

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