Decorative Sleeving

Decorative Sleeving

Decorative sleeving products to help you brighten up and identify your cable housing solutions. As well as being brightly coloured, many of these cable casings also have extra properties that make them more suitable for certain applications and environments. Non-slip textured heat shrink tubing, for example, provides extra grip and rigidity for things like tennis rackets and fishing rods. Reflective expandable braided sleeving, meanwhile, is easy to spot in dimly lit places and complies with health and safety regulations. 

In 2015, Hilltop Products were privileged to receive a visit from the film crew for the BBC2 series “The House that 100K Built”. A young couple were trying to finish off their budget home build and were looking for some new chandelier lighting design ideas that would provide a similar more bespoke, luxurious and individual look without breaking the bank. Arrangements were made for the couple, along with TV architectural guru Piers Taylor and a film crew, to get to grips with some of the more unique coloured expandable and copper braided sleeving products that Hilltop holds, of which they could incorporate within the lighting design. 

The design inspirations from Piers Taylor, along with the interest received since the filming inspired this decorative sleeving category - perfect for budding DIYer's and architectural lighting designers alike. 

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