VELCRO® Products

VELCRO® Products

One of those simple but effective inventions, Velcro’s hook and loop system makes it easy to temporarily fasten cables, fixtures and just about anything else at your place of business or home. Velcro branded products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including cables wraps, cable ties, straps, tape and coins.


The products are also available in different strengths, including heavy duty Velcro branded products that can be used to hold heavier products in place. Hilltop Products stocks a full range of Velcro products and delivers them to businesses, public sector organisations and private individuals right across the UK and Europe.


Bespoke Velcro Cutting Service

Hilltop Products also provides a bespoke cutting service for certain Velcro branded products. If you require Velcro fasteners in bespoke lengths that aren’t offered on the website, Hilltop Products can cut strips to your exact specifications using a stepping motor to create a clean edge finish.


Want to enquire about the bespoke cutting service or learn more about any of the products on this website? Speak to a member of the sales team today. Call: 01942 723101 or Email: [email protected]


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