Cold Shrink Tubing & End Caps

Cold Shrink Tubing & End Caps

A popular alternative to heat shrink products, cold shrink tubing and end caps are designed to form tight seals without the use of a heat gun or any other tool like tape or glue. The easy-to-apply products, which come in a variety of sizes, provide protection for cables and cable ends that are exposed to a lot of wear and tear.  


The cold applied products are artificially stretched at the factory and a breakaway core is inserted to keep it in place. To apply, just position the tubing or end cap and slowly remove the plastic core. The material will quickly contract and form a tight seal. Installation couldn't be easier. Unlike with heat shrink products, the material doesn't have to be heated up with special tools. This becomes particularly useful in hard to reach places and when the use of naked flames can cause an issue. The material is also easy to remove where necessary. 


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