Cable Management

Cable Management

Hilltop Products is the one-stop shop for organising, protecting and managing your cables.

Whether it is the IT systems in an office building, cables for a movie set or outdoor festival or just the right solutions to clean up the cable spaghetti around your home entertainment system, we have the right cable management product for you. With a vast product range that incorporates the very best of everything, you’ll find the best cable ties, tidies, electrical tape and cable protection systems that money can buy.

What is Cable Management?

Cable management is a broad term that includes the organisation, routing and protection of cable systems for a broad range of electrical devices. It is important in both commercial and domestic settings and has a number of advantages for users. Advantages of good cable management include cleaner work or living areas, reduced risk of injury caused by tripping over loose cables, easier disassembly and increased protection for your cables and electronic devices.

Cable management products include simple solutions to tie up or bundle cables, routing systems to keep cables out of the way and more complex systems designed to order hundreds or thousands of different cables in a dense server or network environment.