Security Seals

Security Seals

Security seals are used in a wide range of industries globally, adding an extra layer of security in highly sensitive environments. The labelled seals can deter unauthorised access and indicate if containers, areas or products have been tampered with. They can also be used to identify sensitive areas or products and indicate who is permitted to have access. 

Hilltop Products offers the fullest range of anti-tamper and pull-through seals and have ongoing supply relationships with the military, medical institutions and other with strict security protocols.  

Plastic anti-tamper seals

Plastic security seals offer a low cost but effective security solution, providing additional peace of mind when applied to fire extinguishers, doors, bags, filing cabinets and a whole host of other zones. Their anti-tamper construction can be used to indicate when something has been tampered with, or it can lock down access completely. WIth a plastic being less expensive yet robust, there isn't a more cost-effective and practical solution available. 


Hilltop Products keep large quantities of seals in stock, so we can fulfil diverse orders fast. Want to talk through your needs with a friendly sales advisor? Speak to a member of the team today. Call: 01942 723 101.

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