TE Connectivity- Tyco / Raychem Heat Shrink Products

TE Connectivity- Tyco / Raychem Heat Shrink Products

Well known for their quality, TE Connectivity heat shrink tubes are available to buy from Hilltop Products online shop. Raychem brand heat shrink tubes, supplied by TE Connectivity, are useful in different high pressure environments.


Made to last, Raychem heat shrink products are made from durable materials and are perfect for thermal and electricity management.


Tyco is a global leader in security and fire prevention systems. TE Connectivity was formed when Tyco international split into three separate companies. The Tyco/Raychem range includes high quality heat shrink tubing, adhesive lined heat shrink and heat guns, as well as accessories like mastic tapes and connectors.


Next day delivery is available. If you have any further questions relating to the properties of any products, or about our sales system then please get in touch.  

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