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RayBraid Tubular Copper Braids, Strands & Flexible Connectors

RayBraid Tubular Copper Braids, Strands & Flexible Connectors

The Raybraid wire sleeving braid is designed to provide electrical screening of wire bundles and sensitive harnesses such as those used in military applications. The protective braid is fitted with an EMC screen to protect sensitive cables from electromagnetic, electrostatic and radio frequency interference.


Raybraid is supplied on a rounded tube former, which makes the product more physically robust than braids that are supplied flat. The Ray-101 range, which is available from Hilltop Products online store, has a tinned copper screen to help prevent interference in certain applications.  


The braiding product has an industry-leading optical coverage of between 90 and 95%. The products are available from the Hilltop Products website in a wide range of sizes, from 3 to 70mm.


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