110V Armoured Extension Cables

110V Armoured Extension Cables

Critical in harsh environments, armoured cable can help boost safety and ensure a consistent supply of power is provided, often in challenging circumstances. Armoured cable is typically used in areas where there is a good chance it could be damaged, or where a power outage could prove disastrous.


Armoured cable is often employed on building sites, factories and high-risk workshops as well as in underground applications, around train tracks and at power stations. Hilltop Products stocks a range of armoured cable extension cables that give technicians peace of mind when they are working outside and in other tricky surroundings. The 25 metre 16 amp and 32 amp extension cables are designed for use with Leister welding machines and can be joined up using a locking ring.


For professional information about armoured cabling, Leister welding machines or any other product features on this website, speak to a member of the accounts team today. Call: 01942 723 101.  

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