SCL Semi-Rigid Polyolefin Raychem Tubing

SCL Semi-Rigid Polyolefin Raychem Tubing

SCL-1/8-0-STK Black - Semi-rigid, Encapsulated-Lined, Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing.

Supplied in 1.2 mtr lengths.

Encapsulates components, splices and terminations where moisture resistance and mechanical protection are required. Encapsulant melts and flows to fill surface irregularities of the substrate. While still hot, the tubing can be blocked to form a wire breakout.

Raychem SCL is designed to provide one-step moisture proof of a wide variety of electrical parts when applied.

Manufactured from radiation cross-linked polyolefins, SCL has an inner wall which melts when heated and is forced into the crevices and intersticies by the shrinking action of the outer tubing. When colled the entire mass becomes a rigid, tough, homogeneous covering with a controlled wall thickness. SCL shrinks between 17% and 40% of its supplied diameter according to size and therefore few sizes are required to cover a range of irregular shapes with widely varying dimensions.

Unaffected by most solvents and chemicals and non-corrosive in contact with electrical joints, SCL also has a high dielectric strength.

Other sizes available upon request.

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