TMS-CCUV Heat Shrinkable UV Protection Oversleeve

The TMS-CCUV sleeves are designed as over-protection for TMS System identification products, this provides increased protection as a long-term barrier to the effects of ultra-violet rays and external environmental factors, enhancing the readability and longevity of your identification sleeves and cable markers. They are a brilliant solution for prolonged exposure to the elements due to their low-profile design, allowing for flexing cables and wire bundling.

  • Added UV Resistance 

  • Secure Heat Shrink Locking 

  • Prevents Fading and Discolouring of Markers

  • Made of Radiation Cross-linked Fluoropolymer 

  • Excellent Resistance to Industrial Fluids and Abrasion

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The TMS-CCUV clear heat shrinkable sleeves have been specifically designed to improve the level of protection on the TMS System Six identifying products. With their combination of clarity, stability, and durability, these sleeves are ideal for prolonged exposure in harsh environments.

With the added UV-resistance the TMS CCUV sleeves go further than standard solutions by offering long-term protection against the potentially harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. These sleeves ensure the longevity of the underlying identification products by providing excellent resistance to abrasion and industrial fluids.

The TMS CCUV sleeves will fit right in with your current setup as they come in the same packs to match the TMS System Six heat-shrinkable identification sleeves and cable markers. They have a heat-shrink locking mechanism, which provides a secure fit without the need for adhesives. This offers an effective and reliable option for permanent identification and not only makes the installation procedure easier, but you will have no worries about the adhesives' durability.

The TMS CCUV sleeves are inherently low profile and use the action of heat-shrink to lock in place over the previously installed identification sleeves, except for cable markers which use a slide-fitting CCUV sleeve that is held in place by the cable ties. The action of heat-shrink locking of the CCUV sleeves means there is no reliance on the long term performance of adhesives to hold the outer protection layer in place and also gives the ability to accommodate cables and wire bundles which may be bent or flexed during use.

Features and Benefits

  • Low profile
  • Not Printable
  • 3:1 shrink ratio
  • Exceptional clarity and stability
  • Tough resistance to abrasion and industrial fluids
  • Accommodates bent or flexing cable/wire bundles
  • Heat-shrink locking in place (no reliance on adhesives)
  • Can work as an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) System with NBC-SCE sleeves and appropriate adhesive

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More Information
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  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • Overprotection of Cable and Wire Identification

  • Identifying communication cables at outdoor environments

  • Long-term Protection for Cables and Connectors against harsh conditions

Some of the Industries that the TMS-CCUV is used in:

  • Railway

  • Transportation

  • Medical Sector

  • Renewable Energy

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Telecommunications

  • Aerospace and Defence

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Chemical Processing Plants

  • Construction and Infrastructure

  • Marine and Offshore Installations

  • Laboratories and Research Facilities

Part Name  Sleeve Length Inside DIA MIN Recovered DIA MAX Wire Size DIA Sleeve size expanded DIA
  MM MM Inches  MM Inches  MM Inches  MM Inches  US Wire 
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-1-X-65MM 65 3.20 0.125 1.6 0.063 1.80-2.80 0.071-0.110 2.4 0.094 N/A
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-1-X-65MM 65 3.20 0.125 1.6 0.063 1.80-2.80 0.071-0.110 3.2 0.125 22-18
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-2-X-65MM 65 4.80 0.187 2.4 0.094 2.60-3.70 0.102-0.146 4.8 0.188 18-'12
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-2-X-65MM 65 4.80 0.187 2.4 0.094 2.60-3.70 0.102-0.146 6.4 0.250 16-'10
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-3-X-65MM 65 6.40 0.250 3.2 0.126 3.50-5.10 0.138-0.201 9.5 0.375 8-'4
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-4-X-65MM 65 9.50 0.375 4.8 0.189 5.00-7.00 0.197-0.275 12.7 0.50 10-'2
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-5-X-65MM 65 12.70 0.50 6.4 0.252 6.90-10.60 0.272-0.417 19 0.75 6-250
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-6-X-65MM 65 19.00 0.75 9.5 0.374 10.00-14.00 0.394-0.551 25.4 1.00 1-400
TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-7-X-65MM 65 25.40 1.00 12.7 0.500 13.30-21.00 0.524-0.827 25.4 1.00 1-400
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