Get cable organised with Hilltop Products cable management solutions. Fed up with wires strewn untidily across your office, server room or on the underside of your car? Hilltop Products has a huge range of cable management tools to wrap, bundle and protect your cables and wires.

Featuring products manufactured by us, and by named brands including HellermannTyton, you’ll find exactly what you need without spending a fortune.

Finding the right cable management

Different cable management solutions are suitable for different environments. Some tasks require different materials, and permanent or transient binds to hold cables in place.

Choose a material, bind, colour and label to suit your needs.

Cable ties

Cable ties are great for binding, grouping and sorting cables. In the online shop you will find cable ties made from different materials including nylon, stainless steel and Velcro.

Velcro cable ties are perfect for use in computer cable management and cooling performance, because they are soft and easy to move around.

Hilltop Products also stocks a range of plastic releasable cable ties and top quality branded ranges including HellermannTyton cable ties

Customisable cable ties

To help identify cables, we also stock a range of printed cable ties.

With our expertise in printed heat shrink tubing, we can also create fully customisable heat shrink labels that can be attached to cable ties (or directly to cables) to help ID them.

Cable wraps

Cable wraps are great for grouping cables and making them look tidy. Instead of lots of loose leads and wires you can have one cable wrap, containing lots of different wires and customisable ‘breakouts’ to facilitate different lengths of cable.

Braided Velcro cable wraps are popular because they are cost-effective and look neat.

Cable tidy tubes, with breakout holes at regular intervals, are another popular product. These are sold in packs with and without applicator tools

Spiral wrap

Spiral wrap makes loose cables look neat and tidy. They can also provide extra protection to important cables in harsh environments.

The spiral design means that breakout holes are positioned every few centimetres.  Popular products include flexible polyethylene spiral cable wraps, which is available in different colours, and tougher PTFE spiral binding, suitable for harsher environments.

Heat shrink adhesive tape

Heat shrink adhesive tape can provide a tight seal around irregularly shaped joints and components.

These reliable products can be used for all sorts of applications including insulation, waterproofing and anti-corrosion.

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes are stocked in a huge variety of materials. These have a wide multiplicity of uses, from organising groups of wires and cables to sealing potentially dangerous wires.

These products are regularly used by electricians, engineers and wire harness manufacturers.

Outdoor cable protectors

Outdoor cable ramps come in lots of different sizes and thicknesses. Some of the products can also act as speed bumps in built up environments.

If you need to protect cables from vehicles, then heavy duty cable protection units are available.

Indoor cable protectors

Lightweight indoor cable protectors are also available. These can stop pedestrians from walking on cables and help stop workplace trips and falls by covering up potentially dangerous cables.

These cable protectors are regularly used on film-sets and in other types of studio, at conferences and in temporary offices.