Rapstrap - Re-usable Cable Tie

Rapstrap - Re-usable Cable Tie

As seen on BBC’s Dragon Den, the rapstrap reusable cable tie is the latest innovative product which will revolutionise how you organise.


Known for its extremely versatile and adaptable design, the rapstrap is also releasable, meaning it can be used thousands of times in various situations. Suitable for a number of everyday jobs, the rapstrap is a custom polymer cable tie which will help you tidy up just about anything.

The key feature of the rapstrap is that it can stretch up to 60%, making it an ideal option for tying plants or other delicate items. By opting for a single 12 inch rapstrap, you will be able to replace up to four standard cable ties, therefore eliminating unnecessary waste and eventually saving on costs. From gardening and outdoor usage to a tidy office or sports equipment, rapstrap will help you organise and secure whenever they’re required.

So, how does it work? Compared to a traditional nylon cable tie, the rapstrap is made from elasticated polyurethane, meaning sharp edges and snagging sides are a thing of the past. It comes in tear-off sheets of six and the binding can be pulled to whatever grip is required, as well as being completely resistant to any oils or fuels.

Available from Hilltop Products in black, natural, green or red, rapstrap is a high quality cable tie option which will help with everyday tasks. If you require more information on rapstraps or cable ties, contact our sales team on 01942 723 101 or [email protected] who will be able to help.

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