Bentley Harris - Federal Mogul ROUNDIT® 2000 V0

Bentley Harris - Federal Mogul ROUNDIT® 2000 V0

ROUNDIT® 2000 V0 is a wrap-around sleeving manufactured from UL 94 V0 rated polyester monofilamnets. ROUNDIT® 2000 V0 is designed for mechanical protection and maintenance of wire and cable bundles and has an excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance.

The self-wrapping feature of ROUNDIT® 2000 V0 allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. ROUNDIT® 2000 V0 may be installed or removed without any manipulation of connectors or fittings and is an idela solutioon where breakouts are necessary.

ROUNDIT® 2000 V0 has many applications in the railway, marine and electronic industries.

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