Retrofit Braided Sleeve Hilwrap - Wrap Around Sleeve

Retrofit Braided Sleeve Hilwrap - Wrap Around Sleeve

Retrofit Braided Sleeve Hilwrap is a self-closing oversleeve that provides mechanical protection.

Although specifically designed as a self-closing / retrofit sleeving for Cable & Hoses in situ, we also can provide a wide range of high quality nylon and stainless steel cable ties for additional fixing is so desired.

Woven from monofiliament (weft) and multifilament (wrap) polyester yarns, it provides a lightweight, cost effective and tough solution for protection of a wide range of components. It does not trap heat or moisture.

This wraparound's self wrapping, low profile and flexible design fits tightly to wire harnesses making it an ideal bundling solution in restricted areas without affecting the flexibility of the components it protects. Its inherent flexibility allows it to conform to irregular shapes and contours.

It allows for fast and easy building of wire and cable assemblies, it allows for easy breakouts and can be installed on completed assemblies due to its open design.

It provides flexibility, spring back and high resistance to abrasion. It is designed to protect wiring, cables, pipes, hoses and foam insulation from mechanical degradation arising from exposure to touch conditions in vibrating installations.

It can be installed by opening up the sleeve, feeding over the application and releasing.