Vidaflex 942 Size 2mm Bore Black

Vidaflex 942 sleeves is a versatile insulator with superior glass fibre construction. It provides exceptional mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and flexibility. It is widely used for insulating winding lead-outs and joints in electrical machinery, these sleeves are also essential in automotive wiring harnesses and high-temperature applications like heating equipment.

  • Excellent Flexibility

  • 2.5KV Grade Sleeving

  • Protects and insulates

  • High tolerance to abrasion 

  • Excellent thermal endurance properties

  • Glass fibre braid coated with acrylic resin


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Vidaflex 942 Size 2mm Bore Black

Vidaflex 942 Sleeving is a premium electrical insulation made of fibreglass with an acrylic resin coating that is both flexible and durable. The sleeve is made of premium braided fibre glass and has an acrylic resin coating that gives it mechanical strength and flexibility. The sleeving allows for a maximum temperature tolerance of 155ºC (Class F), which provides excellent abrasion resistance and remarkable thermal endurance properties.

This sleeving is easy to apply because of its accurate bore sizing and thin wall thickness. It has excellent dielectric strength and an endless storage life in standard circumstances.

Many types of electrical equipment commonly use this adaptable and simple-to-apply sleeving to insulate lead-outs and cable ends. Its colour spectrum makes lead identification easier, and its flexibility lets it consolidate coil windings and conform to made-up joints.

The Vidaflex 942 has great mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, and flexibility. It performs exceptionally well in high-temperature applications such as home appliances, heating equipment, central heating boilers, as well as lead protection and insulation in lamps and automobiles. It is perfect for internal wiring in a variety of electrical devices.

In addition to having good resistance to acids and alkalis, the braided glass fibre construction covered with acrylic resin also shows good resistance to corrosion from copper and shows only some swelling but no separation when exposed to organic solvents. A dependable and long-lasting option for your electrical insulation needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vidaflex 942 - 2.5kV grade
  • Max Short-term Temperature: 200°C  
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +155°C
  • VIDAFLEX 942: Braided "E"-glass sleeving coated with acrylic resin
  • Compliant to the requirements of the directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)

Certain sizes of this product are available to Buy Online. For our Full size Range - please see PDF Spec sheet in the "Downloads Tab" above or contact our sales team on 01942 723101 or e-mail us at [email protected]

More Information
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Vidaflex Type 942
  • Alternators

  • Induction motors

  • Lead identification

  • Heating appliances

  • Central heating boilers

  • Motor vehicle wiring harnesses

  • Transformer/choke winding lead outs

  • Ideal for high temperature rated domestic appliances

  • Insulation of the internal wiring of all types electrical machines

  • Protection and insulation of leads and wiring harness in lamps and vehicles

Material:  Acrylic resin coated braided glass fibre
Opering Temperature: -25°C to +155°C
Intermittent Temperature: 200°C
Dialectric Strength:  2.5kV
Resistance to flame:  More than 35 seconds for 25mm
Thermal Class: 155 (Class F) according to IEC 60085 
Resistance to Chemicals:  Acids, alkalis - excellent: organic solvents - swells but does not separate; copper corrosion - nil
Standards:  IEC 684-3 403/405 RoSH compliant
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