Low Shrink Temperature Hair Rig Tubing (Black / Weedy Green) 5 mtrs

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Superior low shrink, heat-shrinkable tubing Hair Rigs in Weedy Green and Black. This is the worlds finest quality low shrink temperature heat shrink - Shrinks at 80'C.

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5 mtr Pack

£3.32 £3.98
In stock
HLST-1.6/0.8-SP - 5 mtrs

Comes in two different colours: Black & Weedy Green in a 1.6mm I/D.  


Low Shrink Temperature Hair Rig Tubing.

This is the worlds finest low shrink temperature heat shrink - shrinks at 80'C.

This product should not be confused with many inferior brands of so called "Low Shrink Temperature" rig tubing - often these so called imitations can be poor quality.

Can be utilised bank side by simply using hot content of your flask to shrink it down. The low shrink temperature of this specialist product helps to prevent damage to other parts of the rig which can go undetected when using standard heat shrink tubing.

Designed for the production of neat anti-eject rigs, this tubing is formulated so that it is stiff enough to take and retain any angle or bend set during shrinkage and helps to form a really neat presentation. This tubing provides a consistant internal bore for easy line threading.

  • High performance grade heat shrink
  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Excellent physical performance
  • Very good chemical and solvent resistance
  • Flame retardant


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