PTFE Smooth Bore Conduit Tubing

PTFE Smooth Bore Conduit Tubing

PTFE Smooth Bore Conduit is a new revolutionary solution in preventing kinks and is more easily flexible, it can be used providing a unique hose liner design which is flexible in larger bore sizes and still retains a smooth bore for easy insertion of wires and cables or used as a PTFE hose assembly with other materials.

The advantage of a smooth bore conduit as compared with a convoluted bore is that it is easy to clean and does not create turbulent flow which drastically reduces fluid flow rates.

Smooth Bore Conduit, supplied natural as standard used as PTFE conduit or PTFE hose liner.

These Conduits are extremely flexible & are widely used in high temperature and very low temperature in pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, automotive in cable and wiring harnesses, space technologies and for pharamceutical fluid chemical hazardous (transfer) transportation.

These flexible tubing conduits can be used for abrasion protection, thermal insulation & pharma fluid transfer. They are ideal for use in areas where there are exposed to hazardous chemicals & extreme temperatures.


  • Operating Temperature : -70C to +260C.
  • Melt Temperature : Over +330C the material starts to decay and melt, beyond +350C to +360C the material will start to combust, halogen free, sorry no. Any fumes they may give off - nothing up to +330C
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