Pyrojacket Thermo Glass Fibre Firesleeve size 20.0mm - Red Oxide

Fire Sleeve's extremely detailed design provides excellent protection. Its robust 'E' glass fibre yarn frame and high-quality silicone elastomer rubber exterior offer trustworthy protection against heat and hot metal spills. With its exceptional insulating properties, it is a dependable way to lessen damage in challenging environments.

  • Very flexible

  • Insulating sleeving

  • Flammability: self-extinguishing

  • Industrial grade, high temperature

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Thermo Firesleeve is an industrial-grade, high-temperature insulating sleeve with cutting-edge fire safety technology that can withstand harsh situations. This innovative sleeving is expertly constructed of thick-wall glass fibre, guaranteeing toughness and longevity under harsh circumstances. Its broad silicone covering improves overall safety by efficiently preventing heat transmission and offering a strong screen against splashes of molten metal.

The unique coating of the Thermo Firesleeve, a HIGH TEMPERATURE silicone elastomer enhanced with an inorganic Red Oxide ingredient, which makes it unique. This unique formulation allows for versatile design modifications, catering to specific end-user requirements. Excellent sealing qualities are combined with a high degree of mechanical and dimensional stability. This makes the Thermo Firesleeve a flexible tool that can be tailored to meet a range of industrial demands in addition to being a dependable thermal lagging solution for guarding against unintentional contact with hot pipework.

This adaptable solution combines the heat-resistant abilities of high-temperature silicone—which can tolerate temperatures as high as +1,000°C—with the durability of a glass fibre braid, which can sustain temperatures as high as +550°C. Because of its sturdy construction, it can withstand flames and extreme radiant heat, giving it dependable protection in harsh settings. Its fast splash shedding function provides an additional line of protection, making it an effective option for a range of applications where heat and flames could be dangerous.

The sleeving's durability and resilience are guaranteed by its thick-wall glass fibre composition, and its exceptional insulating qualities make it an exceptional option for settings where thermal protection is crucial. Thermo Firesleeve is a fire and high-temperature insulation pioneer, known for its inventiveness, effectiveness, and reliable performance when it comes to protecting against heat or offering insulation in harsh environments.

Features and benefits:

  • Guard against fraying and absorption

  • Excellent choice for hostile environments.

  • Protects employees from burns

  • Helps to reduce energy loss by retaining heat within pipe work

  • Excellent flame resistance

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Constructed from thick-wall glass fibre

  • Used as thermal lagging to protect against accidental contact with hot pipe-work

  • Excellent insulating properties

More Information
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  • It Protects against repeated exposure to, molten steel, molten aluminium and molten glass

  • It is used to protect wires, hoses, and cables in hot spots of cars, like exhausts, brakes, and engines

  • Pyrojacket is frequently used in a range of industrial machinery and equipment, including furnaces, ovens, kilns, and welding operations, where there is the potential for exposure to high temperatures.

  • Glass fibre braid withstands temperatures up to +550°C

  • High temperature silicone withstands short term temperatures up to +1,000°C


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