Neoprene Rubber Tubing, Sleeves & Sponge Cord

Neoprene Rubber Tubing, Sleeves & Sponge Cord

Neoprene Rubber Tubing and Sleeves are extremely flexible and is available in plain cut sleeves, printed markers and of course continuous sleeving, with a wide range of colours also available. The sleeves and markers are ideally suited for the binding and identification of cable harnesses and due to the materials elastomeric properties, a high degree of expansion can be achieved during assembly. The material is based on Polychloroprene with good elastic and mechanical properties; it is petrol and oil resistant and is not corrosive to metal. Also known as chloroprene, typical applications for Neoprene Rubber Tubing include cable sleeving and electrical insulation.

Neoprene Sponge Cord is supplied to many industries including construction, marine and electronics. It is an ideal sealing material for many applications: UV, ozone, air, water sealing. It is a closed cell material allowing no ingress of fluids, dust or air to go through or into it. Easy to fit, its compression characteristics make it ideal for sealing gaps or voids, in both indoor or outdoor environments.

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