Heat Shrink Butt Connector Red - Wire Range: 22 - 18 AWG

The Heat Shrink Butt Connections function better than their Polyamide counterparts as they shrink 40% more quickly at only 100°C, which lowers the danger of wire damage. They provide 35% higher strain reduction and 100% water tightness for increased performance in a variety of circumstances and are the perfect option for tough industrial applications as they have improved fluid resistance and equivalent abrasion resistance.

  • Faster shrinking 
  • High performance
  • Adhesive sealed joint
  • Exellent fluid resistance

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Butt Connectors - with Adhesive Inner for Water Tightness.

Heat shrink Butt Connectors shrink 40% quicker compared to their Polyamide alternatives. The faster shrinking promises improved performance across a range of applications in addition to streamlining the production process. The Butt Connectors run at just 100°C instead of the 170°C required by their Polyamide alternatives, which is a further advancement in the industry. This lower temperature considerably reduces the likelihood of wire damage, ensuring longevity.

They also have better fluid resistance, which increases their dependability in difficult settings while keeping an abrasion resistance level comparable to Polyamide. These developments improve strain reduction significantly, providing a 35% improvement.The Butt Connectors offer, complete water tightness, and guarantee maximum efficiency in both wet and dry circumstances.

Beyond their extraordinary shrinking speed and temperature sensitivity, the Butt Connectors offer incomparable benefits. Their improved fluid resistance protects against the harmful effects of liquids and attests to their flexibility in challenging industrial situations. Additionally, they are an excellent alternative for situations where stress management is important because they match the abrasion resistance of Polyamide devices while outperforming them in strain relief.


Red Butt Connector: Wire Range: 22 - 18 AWG, Diameter before shrunk = 1.2mm

Blue Butt Connector: Wire Range: 16 - 14 AWG, Diameter before shrunk = 1.4mm

Yellow Butt Connector: Wire Range: 12 - 10 AWG, Diameter before shrunk = 2.0mm


  • Operating Temperature = -55°C to 125°C
  • Wire Range = AWG 22-18 / 0.5-1.5mm²
  • Heat shrink
  • Adhesive sealed joint
  • 100% water tightness
  • High performance Butt Connector
  • 100°C instead of 170°C for Polyamide

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Ideal for - 

  • Wire connections,
  • Repairs and maintenance in automotive,
  • Marine vessels and other heavy machinery
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