Conduit External Hinged T Pieces

Conduit / Convoluted Hinged T Piece designed to snap together over different types of slit or unslit conuit thus maintaning maximum conduit bore. When used with slit conduit, hinged fittings enable cables to be slotted into a harness rather than fed through, thereby reducing installation time.

To fit our various conduit sizes - slit or unslit. See below diagram for details of sizes. 

  • One-piece build for an unrestricted bore and tool-free assembly.

  • Enhanced pull-off resistance.

  • In-built retaining clips keep conduit in position whilst assembling.

  • IP40 protection rating

  • Temperature range spans -40ºC to +120ºC

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Conduit Hinged T Pieces

Hinged T Pieces

One-piece symmetrical 3 junction fittings allow a variety of conduit variations. 

These fittings are designed to snap together over all types of slit and unslit conduit thus maintaining maximum conduit bore.

Our Hinged Fittings are of High Quality and Low Cost that gives you the best results every time. For further information please contact our sales team.

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Features & Benefits: 

  • Seamless external construction allows for an open bore and swift, tool-free assembly.

  • Enhanced durability with high pull-off strength due to the snug fit of conduit corrugations in connector junctions.

  • Conduit size marking on each junction for easy identification and installation.

  • Built-in retaining clips ensure the conduit is securely held in place during setup.

  • Made from Polyamide(Nylon)66 for robust performance.

  • IP40 rated

  • Complies with IP40 protection standards. Capable of operating in extreme temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +120ºC.

  • Offers superior UV resistance for longevity.

  • Features self-extinguishing properties, emits low smoke and toxicity, and is halogen-free for increased safety./p>

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