Leister Triac S 230V / Raychem Heavy Duty Heat Gun

NEW: Leister Triac S, Also known as Raychem Heavy Duty Heat Gun - CV1981 Mk2 / Triac S

No longer available - This item is now obsolete

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CV-1981-230V-MARK2 - No. Box

NOW OBSOLETE - See the new TRIAC ST model that replaces the TRAIC S >>>>

This gun is what we call the Rolls Royce of heat guns. Also known as the Leister Triac S or Raychem CV1981 Mk2.

The gun is a perfect Heavy Duty Hot Air Hand Tool for high quality work. Used for installing dual wall or single wall tubing up to three inches in diameter and for installing SolderSleeve devices. Supplied with Yellow transformer plug.

Also used in a variety of applications including heat shrink tubing, plastic fabrication, roof membrane welding, welding fabrics, vehicle fairing repairs and more! The Triac S is the preferred hand tool for high quality results every time. This gun is reliable, cost-effective and proven hand tool with steplessly controlled temperature range 24/7. Available in different voltages, please contact a member of our sales team for further information.

Can be used to Ignite wood chips, paper, coal or straw in furnaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust, double-insulated, heavy-duty unit.
  • Highest-wattage unit (1600-2260 watts).
  • Integral stand that allows use as bench tool.
  • Easy fixturing for dual opposing heating.
  • Safe, quiet operation.
  • Precisely variable temperature.
  • Variety of reflectors available.


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