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Great Western Rail Electrification Project Utilises Hilltop Products’ Materials On Their Equipment

A key Network Rail contractor currently working on the Great Western Electrification Project recently got in touch with Hilltop regarding an urgent rail application, one which they now needed to find a quick but suitable identification solution. They required a simple mobile and compact identification system to identify bonding cables, with the system required near or even onsite for efficient use.

With some discussion on the application and requirements we proposed our Entry Level Thermal Desktop Printer with accessories such as the spool holder. This provided the necessary portability such customer required and, when utilised with our specially flattened printable zero halogen heat shrink, provides a clear and long-lasting print needed for such a job.

The customer has kindly since got back to us with generous feedback, along with a few photographs of the markers now in use on the cables. The feedback thanked us for all the info, support and initial samples provided. In the end they were confident they had received the perfect solution and were certainly going to utilise more of our printers and tubing in the future for the remainder of the next 3 years of the contract.

It’s always good to hear back from a satisfied customer and we’re glad we managed to help this gentleman to find a good ongoing solution for his requirement.