PTFE Insulated Gas Ignition Wire 7/0.2mm Nickel Plated Copper

Our PTFE Ignition cable is made specifically to deliver excellent functioning presentation at extremely high temperatures. Single core cable with PTFE insulation is for gas igniting systems in boilers, stoves and fires.

  • Perfect for carrying high voltages to spark plug wires.
  • Designed to provide outstanding working presentation at a very high temperature.
  • PTFE insulated single core cable for gas ignition systems in boilers, cookers and fires. 
  • Nickel plated copper conductor which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, PTFE insulation providing and chemicals.

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Various Pack Sizes. Supplied in continuous lengths.
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What are ignition cables?

An ignition cable is the wire that carries high voltage to the spark plug wire. It transmits electrical power to the spark plug cable for a certain time and duration to ignite the fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. Spark plug wires transfer the spark from the distributor or ignition cable to the plugs. The spark then ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your engine.

The ignition cable's job is to carry the electric current from the alternator to the next point of usage. The electronic device used the current to fire the spark plug cable which in turn burn the fuel which enters the combustion chamber. It can be either the plug wire between the coil and the distributor or between distributor and spark wire.

Each spark plug cable has its own spark coil as an integral part of its plug wire, this spark wire terminal controls the car's ignition switch wiring and other electrical features. On older cars they would run from the ignition wire to the distributor, then from the distributor to the individual spark plug wire.


  • Size: 24 AWG
  • Stranding: 07/0.200
  • O/D (mm): 0.60
  • Area (mm²): 0.220
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.70mm Wall
  • Overall Diameter: Min = 1.90mm
  • Overall Diameter: Max = 2.10mm
  • Conductor Resistance: 91.20 (Ω/km @20°C)
  • Voltage Rating: 25KV


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Our PTFE Ignition cable is specifically designed to provide outstanding working presentation at a very high temperature. 

  • PTFE Insulated Gas Ignition wire 25 KV DC - 7/0.2mm Nickel Plated Copper
  • PTFE insulated single core cable for gas ignition systems in boilers, cookers and fires. Two standard types are available -15 and 25 KV for use at a continuous operating temperature up to 250°C.
  • The cables are manufactured in accordance with UL style 1911, the nickel plated copper conductor providing excellent resistance to corrosion and the PTFE insulation providing excellent chemical resistance.
  • Nickel plated copper conductors, PTFE extruded 0.53 & 0.70mm NOMINAL R/T.