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Steinel HL 1810 S 110V - Obsolete

110 V - Three heating and airflow stages for most jobs in and around the Office / Home.


This item is now obsolete, alternative product: - Steinel HL1820S

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This item is now obsolete, alternative product: - Steinel HL1820S

110 Volt

With its 1300 watts of power, the blower reaches a temperature of up to 600°C at an airflow rate of 500 I/min. This makes the HL 1810 S the ideal choice for a host of everyday hot air applications that don't require the use of reduction nozzles.


  • Temperature and airflow can be adjusted in 3 stages at the operating switch: 200 I/min., 50°C; 300 I/min., 400°C; 500 I/min., 600°C.
  • Cool air stage for rapid cooling on changing nozzles.


Features & Benefits:

  • Dual air vents.
  • Double overheating protection: thermostat and thermal fuse.
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle.
  • Industrial grade rubber power cord.
  • Soft stand for secure hold.
  • Hand-held and self-resting.

This Heat Gun is not Compatible with the Temperature Scanner HL Scan



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