Solutions for 007 - James Bond Movie Skyfall

Wed, 22 Mar 2012 10:41:22 GMT  

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It’s not every day I pick up a phone call from Pinewood studios. It transpired the call was a request for urgent assistance, an opportunity that requires an urgent solution. Filming of the new 007 movie “Skyfall” was in full flow, however due to the frenetic nature our customer is concerned over the protection of exposed electrical cables and connectors. Damage to these vital power supplies could have serious consequences, studio time is understandably tight and very expensive, any disruption I am left in no doubt is simply not an option. 007 James Bond I’m told has been around for the best part of 60 years, he has survived some of the big screens most notorious Villains, falling foul of an Electric Shock is definitely not part of the script.

The stipulation was for heavy duty Heat Shrink to offer additional protection, no great problem was my initial thought, we should have stock and product can ship today. However after studying the specification, its then I receive a further call from the customer. Only now the application begins to become a little more complicated. Whilst the protection must be heavy duty, it must also be without any adhesive or mastic lining, the sleeving will need to be removed easily & quickly at short notice, this to re-locate the power supply as needed. 

Heavy duty heat shrink is predominantly supplied as standard with adhesive lining, and whilst manufacturing sleeving without adhesive is a relatively straight forward process, the “fly in the ointment” was that product is only manufactured in North America, best current lead time is 18 weeks! one week let alone 18 was simply too long.

Therefore I set about my own “ Mission impossible” working closely in-conjunction with or own gadget man “Q” (His correct title) QC manager Colin Davies, also in close co-operation with our raw material supplier. After “scouring” our own and all distribution stock, eventually we were able to track down some un-adhesive lined heavy duty product of which was thankfully readily available.The stock was however still allocated and shortly destined for a Dutch offshore wind farm. Half a dozen phone calls later, and with the wonderful support of our European distributor, we were given the green light to take back the raw material, it was now “Winging” its way back from mainland Europe.

On arrival it was fast tracked through Goods inwards, and after some frantic final re-work here at Hilltop, I’m pleased to say the goods were shipped later the same day via express transport.

The culmination was a day later receiving a lovely thank you call from a very happy customer delighted with the solution, best of all with a promise that Hilltop would be the first port of call for any future blockbusters.

Lyndsey Kelly - Sales and Development Manager


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