Steinel Unilaterally Supported Feed Roller - 012311

The Steinel 012311 Feed Roller for Heat Tools is a premium tool that enables experts to accomplish remarkable outcomes when edge banding and welding PVC sheets. It is essential for tarpaulin welding, pond film installation, and other applications due to its constant pressure-exerting capability during hot air welding. This feed roller's ergonomic handle and sturdy; portable design is essential for ensuring that your projects are completed precisely and flawlessly.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Withstand rigorous uses – Durable 
  • Creates a weather proof water tight seal
  • Provides flawless and accurate results

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The Steinel 012311 Feed Roller for Heat Tools is a functional and important tool essentially designed to meet the demands of professionals in various industries. This tool is all about applying pressure where it matters, making it an essential tool for applications like welding PVC sheeting and edge banding with accuracy and flawless results.

The HG 2120 E and HG 2220 E professional hot air guns are compatible with the Steinel Feed Roller, ensuring that it can withstand the heat and pressure needed for the task.

The Steinel Feed Roller's capacity to apply the ideal pressure during the overlapping welding of foils and tarpaulins is one of its distinguishing qualities. When working with materials like PVC sheeting and other thermoplastic films, this quality is essential for generating strong, dependable bonding. In situations where hot air is used to melt and fuse the edges of films or tarpaulins together, the pressure roller is a game-changer. It rolls while applying consistent pressure, ensuring that the heated edges stick firmly to one another and forming a strong and durable connection.

The Steinel Feed Roller's versatility and accuracy are valuable to experts in a variety of fields. Like, welding tarpaulins for trucks and trailers because it ensures that the seals are safe and resistant to the elements. The roller ensures a watertight bond, making the installation of pond film simple. The same is for swimming pools and pool construction projects.

The Steinel Feed Roller excels at providing that necessary finishing touch for flawless results no matter the application.

The design of the Steinel Feed Roller combines robustness and usefulness. Its comfortable grip, which lessens fatigue after prolonged usage. The roller itself has a sturdy, small design that can survive even the most rigorous uses. It is made to last. This tool is a useful addition to any professional's toolkit because it is not only dependable but also conveniently proportioned. It's simple to pack away in a toolbox, guaranteeing that it will always be there when needed to provide flawless outcomes.


  • PVC sheeting

  • Edgebanding

  • Pond film

  • Swimming pool

  • Thermoplastic films

  • Pool construction (filming and gluing of edges)

  • Tarpaulin for trunks and trailers


  • Roll width: 45mm

  • Roll diameter: 40mm

  • Length handle: 230mm

  • Total length: approx. 285mm

  • Weight : Net weight 0,368 kg

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