Our hot air plastic welding tools are used for shrinking heat shrink tubing and other flooring or roofing applications. The Leister Weldplast, Igniter and Steinel HG Heat Gun are just some hot air gun examples of the finest industry instruments that provide the best hand extruder performance. Buy them online here and they are available for next day delivery. Hot air plastic welding tools are also used for marquee repairs, tarpaulin repairs and welding PVC banners.

Commercial and professional heat gun apparatus are available from Hilltop, with leading names such as Steinel being part of the range. Whether you’re looking for a DIY product range, gas powered hot air tool kit or an all-purpose glue gun, our collection of heat gun tools are all available to order.

The Haloblaze eco shrink heat shrink processing machine gets the job done at a fraction of the price. Providing even and environmentally friendly heat in safety, these heat shrink ovens represent a popular alternative to heat guns. The Leister Triac heat shrink gun is used for high quality work such as plastic fabrication, roof membrane welding and vehicle fairing repairs.

A number of different nozzles, reflectors and accessories are available for all of our heat guns. Surface, welding, reduction and flat angled nozzles are just some of the options that are compatible with a wide variety of heat guns and welding tools. The diverse collection of nozzles are of high quality and low cost, ensuring you get the best results for the job. Browse our product catalogue and order the tools you need for the job today.