At Hilltop Products, Hot Knife, Rope & Bow Cutters are available to purchase in all sizes, from the small hand-held type up to the heavy duty, bench-mounted varieties.

So the big question is: how do you choose which hot knife or rope cutter is right for you?

What types of Hot Knife Cutters are there?

Hot knife cutters came about through a need to cut certain materials cleanly ie without fraying and splitting, leaving a sealed, professional edge to the finished material.

Our Heavy Duty Hot Knife cutters are perfect for most material cutting jobs. For instance, our sturdy, desk-mounted rope cutter is ideal for using on webbing, braids and cords. It features a reliable 300mm blade, designed to cut all types of synthetic with ease. A light and strong aluminium frame is extremely easy to use, with a blade that will work every time.

Looking for something even more heavy duty?

Try our Bench Mounted Hot Knife Rope Cutter. Designed to cut all types of synthetics with ease, this tool works to approximately 480°C.

Additionally, we have Hand Held Hot Knife Foam and Rope Cutters that can be used for a varied number of professional or fun tasks.

Hot Wire Foam Bow Cutters are also a useful tool that are widely used by everyone from sculptors to roofers, not forgetting the collection of supporting accessories that can be expertly utilised by your rope cutter, hot knife and foam cutter.

Our specialist cutting systems are hailed by industry experts as being reliable and suitable tools for the job. Order your Hot Knife Rope Cutter online today from Hilltop Products and receive a quality and dependable piece of kit.

Still not sure which product fits the bill? Just call our sales line today on 01942 723101 to speak to an expert. Alternatively, email your query at [email protected] or use our contact form.