The Steinel BHG360 is a cordless hot air tool designed to work on temperature-critical materials. With an airflow of 100 litres per minute the flexible and unimpeded tool provides temperatures between 400° and 500° Celsius.

Everything You Need for Your Project

The kit comes ready to use in a convenient carry case with battery, charger and additional nozzles. Assembly is quick and easy; attach the battery back and your choice of included detachable nozzle. With a wide selection of nozzles included, you’ll find the hot air tool is adaptable for a wide range of applications.

Practical Applications

The cordless hot air tool is ideal for cleanly removing adhesive and solder from electrical components along with other soldering applications. With two heat settings and convenient toggling options, precision aim for accurate results, integrated hanging ring for work in extreme conditions, and integrated LED lights for a clear view of your work, the Steinel BHG360 will quickly become your go-to hot air tool.

Steinel BHG 360 battery pack

Battery Power When You Need It

The Steinel BHG360 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 30 minutes of use per charge and a full charge in 60 minutes. To make sure you are never caught unaware, the hot air tool features a power display to indicate the remaining charge.

Use with Other Hilltop Products

The Steinel BH360 is particularly suited to heat shrinking products, providing a water-tight and durable seal in seconds.