Raychem HVIS Insulation Sheet for Busbar Joint and Repair

Heat shrinkable highly conformable busbar protection sheet. Provides insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced discharge over almost any shape of busbar joint!

660mm x 10mtrs sheet

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Raychem adhesive coated, heat-shrinkable sheet HVIS sheets provides insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced discharge. When heated, the Raychem sheet HVIS shrinks in two directions to tightly conform to complex shapes.


  • Compatible with all other products in the Raychem MV insulation enhancement system
  • Easy to install on site using a heat gun or gas torch
  • Manufactured from a non-halogen based material, noxious and corrosive effects are greatly reduced in the event of a fire
  • Excellent anti-tracking properties
  • Excellent UV and weather resistant properties make HVIS suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be stored indefinitely at temperatures up to 50°C without loss of performance

Raychem void filling mastic can be added to ensure that even protruding shapes are insulated. Raychem sealing mastic S1085 can also be applied to provide an environmentally sealed connection.

The sheet can be cut to size on site and loosely secured in place with clamps and brackets. The clamps and brackets can be ordered seperately as kits Raychem HVIS-TOOLS-XX. Once installed, the clamps and brackets can be removed and re-used. Raychem sheet HVIS will provide flashover protection up to 17.5 kV or up to 25 kV if the void-filling mastic is applied underneath the sheet or up to 36kV if a double layer of HVIS is used. Re-usable joint covers can also be made to allow access or maintenance when required.

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Raychem sheet HVIS will cover almost any size or shape of busbar joint, making it ideal for insulating busbar tees, elbows and other connections where tubing and tape cannot be found.
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