Cable Tidy Units

Cable Tidy Units

D-Line Cable Tidy Units have been developed to hide socket extension blocks and cable clutter. Ideal for offices and home, the units are designed to provide a neat and stylish solution that blends with decor. With all cables neatly concealed, wasted space is returned and surfaces become easier to clean. A safety trip hazard is eliminated also.

Two size Units are available, each in either Black or White.

The smaller Units (325mm L x 125mm W x 115mm H) can perfectly accommodate a 4 way socket extension block and all the cable from 4 plugs, plus the extension lead.

The larger Units (415mm L x 165mm W x 135mm H) are designed to hide a 6-way socket extension block and all the cable spaghetti.

cable Tidy Units


Both sizes allow for the height of popular transformer plugs. Simply insert the cable clutter into the Cable Tidy Unit, next direct cables to go left or right or upward using the three exit slots, then attach the click-lock lid.

The Units have cable exits / entry slots in rear so a neat appearance is always maintained to the front face. If a unit is next to a wall, users can integrate the Cable Tidy Unit with D-Line surface trunking - by using the trunking to hide entry or exit cables upto a desk or a TV, or along a skirting top.

Designed with curved ends and a polished feature on lid, D-Line Cable Tidy Units fit naturally with modern appliances and are ideal for example to hide wires behind TV’s, or from gaming equipment, and on (or below) computer desks... wherever there is cable clutter!

Units are produced from robust ABS material, are recyclable and have been certified to exacting safety standards.

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