VITON-HT Chemical Resistant High Temp Heat Shrink size 1/4"

Viton®-HT Size 1/4" is a premium heat shrinkable tubing it is manufactured from a cross-linked fluoroelastomer material, designed for a wide range of applications. Viton®-HT is resistant to a variety of fuels, lubricants, acids and solvents at elevated temperatures. It is flame retardant.

Direct Equivalent to VITON®-E and RW-200-E

  • 2:1 Shrink ratio

  • Self Extinguishing

  • Meets Strict Military Specifications

  • Excellent Mechanical Abrasion Resistance

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Viton®-HT heat shrink tubing is an incredibly adaptable and reliable material. This tubing is an essential component of many environments and industries because of its exceptional performance and protective qualities. Viton®-HT is made from a premium polyolefin which is known for having excellent characteristics like resistance, flexibility, and durability. This material is made to last over time and endure high temperatures.

With its high shrink ratio, this heat shrink tubing guarantees a snug, safe fit when heated ensuring a secure and reliable seal. It can successfully take on the shape of the underlying material, offering superior insulation. It performs extremely well in terms of safety, which is crucial in many applications. Due to its flame-retardant nature, it can be used in settings where fire resistance is essential, it is also resistant to weather, radiation and ozone. 

Viton®-HT tubing has a continuous operating temperature from -55°C to +200°C, up to +400°C for short periods. The heatshrink is especially suitable as a protection for wiring in missiles, aircraft and throughout chemical plants. Resistant to impact, abrasion and mechanical abuse is an inherent feature of this material.

Features and Benefits:

  • Shrink ratio 2:1
  • Flame retardant
  • Crosslinked Fluoroelastomer
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to +200°C
  • Def Stan 59 - 97 Issue 3 Type 4A & VG95343 Part 5 Type D
  • Highly flame retardant and meets strict military specifications
  • Resistance to a wide variety of fuels, lubricants, acids, and solvents at elevated temperatures
More Information
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  • Mining Industry

  • Power Generation

  • Protection and insulation

  • Chemical Processing Plants

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Use in oil and gas industries 

  • Exposure to chemicals, heat and high temperatures

  • Wire harnesses and cable protection in aerospace applications

  • Viton-HT tubing is especially suitable as a protection for wiring in missiles and aircraft

Inside DIA   Wall Thickness Standard Package  
Expanded (MIN) Recovered (MAX) Total Wall Recovered after Heating (NOM) Spool QTY Weight
6.4 3.2 0.89 50 18
9.5 4.8 1.02 50 30
12.7 6.4 1.22 30 47
19.0 9.5 1.45 30 83
25.4 12.7 1.78 30 132
51.0 25.4 2.79 15 406
VITON-HT_1 (120.20 kB)
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