Expandable Braided Sleeving PG 12mm - Covering 8mm-17mm Black

Expands up to 300%! Polyester Expandable Braided Cable Sleeving provides mechanical protection and abrasion resistance for hydraulic hoses, tubing and wiring harnesses. Easily fits over components with spring back action. 

  • Self-Extinguishing & Halogen free

  • Offers superior cable protection

  • Strengthening and bundling wires, cables and flexible pipes

  • Excellent Resistance to damage by mechanical abrasion and repeated flexing


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Expandable Braided Sleeving PG 12mm - Covering 8mm-17mm

Hilflex PG provides mechanical protection and abrasion resistance for hydraulic hoses, tubing and wiring harnesses. The expandable nature of the braid affords ease of fitting over components with the spring back of the product precluding other fixings. The sleeve holding itself in situ.

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Features and Benefits:

  • It also has excellent resistance to damage by mechanical abrasion and repeated flexing.
  • The monofilaments will resist attack by salt water, oils and most common fuels and solvents.
  • Hilflex PG will exhibit self-extinguishing characteristics and will operate at temperatures within the range -70°C to +150°C.
  • Hilflex PG is a self-extinguishing expandable close weave, Halogen Free sleeving produced from UL Rated braided polyethylene terephthalate monofilaments. The special braid construction permits the sleeving bore to be expanded up to 300% and a particular feature is the retention of roundness.
  • The high bore expansion and retention of roundness makes Hilflex PG sleevings ideal for use in the manufacture of wiring looms, especially where cables are connected to moving parts and are constantly flexed. Expandable sleeving is used extensively as a harness sleeve, the open construction of the braid allowing branch terminations to be made through the sleeve wall, which greatly speeds manufacture.

The Hilflex PG is cut utilising the hot melt method. This melts the monofilaments during the cutting action, bonding the braid crossover points and preventing fraying of the cut end. Our full range of braid cutters can be found here.

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Expandable Braided Sleeving is applicable in 

  • Braided sleevings is mainly used for bundling and protecting cables.

  • Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical.

  • Widely used where a higher expansion rate is required  

  • Expandable sleeve is a general purpose protective wire covering for industrial cable

  • A/V cable, Hdmi cable, wire harness, pneumatic hoses, hydraulic lines and highly polished

  • Threaded machine parts.


Braided polyethylene terephthalate monofilaments 

Filament size 

0.22 Diameter 

Operating temperature range

-70℃ to 150℃

Tensile strength

100,00 psi



Specific gravity 


Moisture absorption 24 hours


Shrinkage at 180°c


Melting temperature


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