Hilltop's Lobster/Crab Bands & Banding Tool Range

High Quality Fishing Accessories!

Stainless Steel Lobster Banding Tools & Flexible Lobster Claw Bands to cover all your fishing & marine needs in the modern crustacean fishing landscape!

  • Efficient in neutralizing Lobster, Crab & Other Crustacean Claws
  • Can be used in smaller & larger Boats
  • Bright yellow for easy identification
  • Made from a weather resistant & highly durable Premium Rubber
  • FDA Approved Material


Tool & Bands Sold as a Bundle & Separately to Suit Your Needs! Stainless Steel, Reliable Tool! Durable Premium Rubber Bands!

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These Lobster/Crab Claw Banding Tools & Bands are the newest in our Marine/Fishing Range! 

Our Banding Tools are made from stainless steel, simple to use and apply onto most crustacean claws, especially Lobsters & Crabs. Adult Lobster Claws cant exert up to 440 Newtons of force so it's imperative you keep yourself & your colleagues safe when handling these sea creatures, but what are banding tools without bands?

Our Flexible 10mm Premium Rubber Bands offer supreme protection as well as being entirely compatible with our banding tools. They're supplied in a bright yellow, an industry-standard colour used to be easily identifiable against Lobsters & other Crustaceans which can come in various different colors.

Available either seperately or as a bundle the range caters to the needs of those on larger boats, smaller boats, recreational fishers or professionals. We can also offer bespoke variations on what we already offer online, please contact us for more info.

Happy Fishing!


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  • Efficient in neutralizing Lobster, Crab & Other Crustacean Claws.
  • Can be used in smaller & larger Boats, dependant on application.
  • Bright yellow for easy identification.
  • FDA Approved Material.


  • Made from Stainless Steel.
  • Suits Various Band Sizes.
  • For use with Lobster, Crabs & Other Crustaceans!


  • Manufactured from high-strength, flexible yet durable rubber. 
  • 10mm Length.
  • Yellow Colouring to be easily identifable,
  • Excellent Cold-Water Resistant Properties.
  • Fit our Banding Tools perfectly.